About YOU


Give yourself a high-five. You’ve chosen your person, and probably a few other things, but now you’re trying to book the big check-list items. Choosing a photographer is a big decision. There are a lot of options out there, and a lot of factors to think about. My style isn't for everyone, and that's alright. I want to connect with couples who place value on photography and are searching for something a bit more unique than what they see on a typical wedding blog.


 You have a silly streak in you, and your partner totally brings it out. You enjoy small pleasures like a spontaneous road trip, being outdoors on a nice day, or cuddle time with your dog. Your partner is your best friend, and you want to find someone who can highlight that; someone who can capture your silliness, craziness, and also your most tender, loving moments.

You want amazing photos. You care about high quality photos you can give to your family, photos you can hang on the walls of your home and that your mom or dad could put on their mantle, photos that will print well and be preserved in an album, and photos that your grandkids will see one day. Photos that are timeless, clean, bright and crisp. You also value a creative eye and appreciate works of art. You might want something a bit more special to hang in that one spot above your fireplace or your couch. You appreciate a photographer you can rely on to give you those timeless photos and who can also create awesome and unique portraits and works of art, featuring you. You want photos that make you feel confident, give you goosebumps, and help you remember each second of your perfect day.
You've found your person. Now let's have the most fun ever creating portraits for your walls, your home, & your family.


my kind of people

are- adventurous / loving / passionate / creative / dog-lovers / travelers / dance with me at weddings / enjoy puns / loyal friends / love cake / use ‘kick-ass’ as an adjective / love each other madly


I want to work with couples who trust my vision and my ability, and who are excited to see what we can do together.