Maya | Yukon High School Senior | Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Meet Maya. She is a funny, crazy smart senior at Yukon High School. She is gorgeous, studious, and confident: she's a power package! I had so much fun exploring OKC with Maya. We sang Lana Del Ray all afternoon and talked about the future. Maya has big plans and big dreams of attending George Mason University and becoming an Archaeologist. So it was only fitting that we wanted a modern, elegant feel for her session. I also quickly learned that Maya is very organized and practical (something her friends will also agree to very quickly!), and had planned out her outfits around a neutral, feminine color scheme of blush pink, black, and lace, which of course I absolutely loved. We had a perfect sunset for channeling our inner Lana ;), and we ended our awesome day by taking polaroid pictures of each other and eating burgers together at The Garage. Not a bad way to end a session, if you ask me. I love Maya's confidence and spirit, and I think we captured it well during her portrait session, so here are a few of my favorites! Enjoy!

Alexis Hoebing1 Comment