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Kaitlin + travis | June 2017

I can not say enough great things about Lexi and her photography skills. My husband and I are from a very rural area of Southeastern Oklahoma, and we spent months and months planning our perfect day. It took me forever to choose a wedding photographer, due to the travel and my price range. Someone recommended LHP, and I immediately looked her up and started looking through all of her photos on her website, and I was in love! All the things that were important to me, and what I wanted in my wedding day photographs, Lexi looked like the person for that! I contacted Lexi, and we had a facetime date, and from that I knew she was the wedding photographer for me! I wanted the formal wedding pictures, but more importantly I wanted those candid, laughing, special moments that are hard to capture, and Lexi went above and beyond for us! She caught some of the most special pictures throughout my day that I will cherish forever. I was so in love with the lighting/editing that Lexi did for our photos.I was also SO in love with my bridal portraits from Lexi. We had such a fun day taking those, and I loved every single one. Even in the middle of rural Oklahoma, LHP was able to capture our whimsical wedding day and photographs that look absolutely stunning. I would highly recommend LHP!