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Hi! I'm Lexi.

Photo by Jordan Mobley

I've been photographing weddings and portraits for about 4 years now. Let me tell you why I love it. What I enjoy most is making people happy. This sounds simple, but I take a lot of joy and pride in making you feel lovely, confident, and naturally, insanely in love. I am so happy to be making lifelong friends, to create art for them and to preserve their most special and intimate moments together. The gasp I hear someone make when they open their wedding album for the first time is why I do this. Documenting small moments, emotions, and that awesome love that you have truly is a privilege, and as an artist I take joy and care in that privilege.

Let me tell you a bit more about me, Lexi, the human:
Oklahoma is home for now, but I have something called the Travel Bug. It's incurable and can be briefly remedied by traveling to new and favorite places often. I've been so fortunate to be able to feed this bug, and have been hiking and traveling across the US, and most recently took a 6 month trip overseas to explore Southeast Asia and most of Europe. You can read more and see more here!
When I'm not outside I am most likely enjoying pizza or The Office. Each time I edit this portion of my website, I've started watching The Office all over again. Really.

I almost have more antique cameras than I have shelf space, I love Billy Joel, cheese, throw blankets, dachshunds, minimalist fonts, and I may have more Capri Sun in my fridge than an adult should. I enjoy lounging with my awesome boyfriend, exploring OKC, and I especially enjoy being on a patio with a margarita.

I want to create portraits for you that are fun to take, unique, and celebrate your love. OKC and beyond, wherever you are -- let's find light. Let's get creative. I say no to cheesy prom poses, yes to real, original images that celebrate you and the love that you share with another person. 

Ps. Yes, I travel. If you didn't already know, I love traveling. Travel + wedding cake? Yep, I'm there.

Thanks for being here and letting me tell you a bit more about myself and what I like to do. So let me hear some more about you! Let's grab coffee (or a beer) and we'll chat.



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